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How does this help veterans?

Facts about PTSd in veterans

  • Hypervigilance or hyperarousal – Veterans experiencing hyperarousal will feel constantly on alert and often uneasy in unfamiliar situations. For instance, they may prefer to find a seat facing the door in a restaurant, watch for dangerous people or objects in normal everyday situations, or feel the need to be near a point of egress. This can be distracting and make it difficult to focus or enjoy simple experiences, like dinner with family. Veterans with signs of PTSD may also find it difficult to sleep or relax, be prone to anger or irritability, startle easily, act recklessly or abuse drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism

(Source: DAV.org)

  • When seniors have been asked what aging in place meant to them, the results were that older people want choices about where and how they age in place. Aging in place is an advantage in terms of a sense of attachment or connection and feelings of security and familiarity in relation to both homes and communities. Aging in place relates to a sense of identity both through independence and autonomy and through caring relationships and roles in the places people live.

(Source: Futureofpersonalhealth.com)

  • Older veterans are in worse health than civilians in the same age group.

(Source: NCOA.org)

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Halifax County NC

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Dia Denton

County Manager

this move isn’t safe for our veterans

County Commissioners

Halifax County NC


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Bryant- 252.535.2274

Brewer- 252.537.9944

Johnson - 252.586.3942

Smith - 252.536.9844

Davis -252.583.1131

Webb - 252.578.9401

Let them know this move isn’t safe for our veterans

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There is a serious concern regarding the potential move of the Veterans service office from its current ground floor location to the DSS building.

This change would have a negative impact on many veterans who suffer from PTSD as well as physical impairments.

Moving the location to the DSS building would not be practical for those who cannot easily climb stairs and would have to contend with crowds, noise, and the presence of children.

These factors would only exacerbate the challenges and difficulties faced by veterans in their daily lives.

It is important to remember that many veterans suffer from PTSD and require a calm and peaceful environment to cope with their condition.

The DSS building is not an ideal location for this and would only add to the challenges they already face.

Therefore, I urge you to reconsider this move and ensure that the Veterans service office remains in its current ground floor location. By doing so, we can uphold our responsibility to provide a safe and accessible environment for our veterans and show them the respect and gratitude they deserve.